Here are the Top 10 Differences between a Traditional Retail Store & and a Kozy Furniture Dealership

  1. Smaller square footage, but access to anything in a 200,000 square foot superstore
  2. NO Employees…we teach you only to work with Independent Contractors that get paid only on Production or per delivery
  3. No Costly Benefit Packages
  4. Non Traditional Advertising (we teach you 50 ways to Market your business for little to $0 cost)
  5. Build Equity in each Location you OPEN (value is approx. 2 times your annual profit, if you keep good records).
  6. Customers LOVE dealing with an Owner and HATE dealing with commissioned salespeople
  7. Be a part of National Buying Group with access to over dozens of Manufacturers and Growing
  8. National Name Brands line at 20-30% below wholesale of other National Brands
  9. Tremendous Revenue Share on referring other people to be Owners in other territories
  10. Can also Broker Commercial Deals (Motels, Dormitories, Office Buildings, Country Clubs, Restaurants, Doctor’s waiting rooms, etc).