The pandemic has opened up a pathway for entrepreneurs to operate from the comfort of their homes and generate the income needed to support their families and lifestyles. The 2020 lockdown in a bid to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus forced people to evaluate their working situation with their employer. Many came to the realization that there were some advantages to working from home and settled into the idea. Today, with the pandemic well behind us, companies are having a hard time getting personnel back to the workplace to resume normal in-person working routine. However, many are being met with resistance as people are reluctant to going back to the way things used to be. In fact, there are many people putting their destiny in their own hands and walking away from the corporate workspace to start their own businesses. This is being called “The Great Resignation”. Come 2022, The Great Resignation rages on – with a record number of people having left their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic – and shows no signs of abating. In fact, one in five workers plans to quit their jobs in 2022, according to one of the largest surveys of the global workforce. In a statement, Advanced Licensing CEO, John Bellave says: “We’ve seen a steady increase in entrepreneurs looking for a business that they can call their own, set their own schedule and provide for their families. We consider ourselves a lifestyle company by providing a portfolio of companies that can fit just about any budget and skill set.” Bellave went on to say, “Overall, the Great Resignation is still happening, at least for now. People didn’t quit their jobs because they didn’t want to work, but quite the opposite. Most workers saw opportunities to get a leg up on their careers and finances, and they have nothing to lose.” “The Great Resignation” keeps growing before our eyes. Every month, the ranks of those handing in their resignations swell some more — nearly 57 million Americans quit between January 2021 and February 2022. Many companies seem to be struggling for answers in the face of skyrocketing attrition rates. Pandemic life forced everyone to reexamine their personal and professional priorities and Advanced Licensing could be a viable solution for many budding entrepreneurs. From